With this manufacturer’s warranty (hereinafter: the “Warranty”), Wiko guarantees this product against any material, design and manufacturing defects.

This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights, which cannot be excluded or limited, in particular in relation to the applicable legislation on defective products.

Warranty duration:

The product may consist of several parts, which may have separate warranty periods, to the extent permitted by local laws. The “Warranty Period” (as defined in the table below) takes effect on the date of purchase of the product (as indicated on the proof of purchase*).

1. Warranty period

- Phone 12 months

- Accessories and battery : 6 months

2. Warranty period for repaired or replaced parts:

Subject to special provisions of local laws in force, the repair or replacement of a product does not, under any circumstances whatsoever, extend the original warranty period of the product concerned.
However, the repaired or replaced parts are guaranteed in the same manner and for the same defect for a period of one month after delivery of the repaired product, even if their initial warranty period has expired.

Implementation of the Warranty

If your product is faulty under normal conditions of use and maintenance, in order to benefit from the present warranty, please contact the WIKO support centre via our website (
The WIKO support centre will then provide you with instructions on how to return the product for support under warranty.

Warranty exclusions

WIKO guarantees its products against material, design and manufacturing defects. The Warranty does not apply in the following cases:

1. Normal wears and tears of the product (including on camera lenses, batteries and screens) requiring periodic repair and replacement.

2. Defects and damages due to negligence, to the product being used other than in a normal and customary manner, to the non-compliance with the recommendations of the WIKO’s User Manual, to an accident, regardless of the cause. Instructions for use and maintenance of the product can be found in the WIKO’s User Manual.

3. The opening, unauthorized disassembly, modification being carried out or repair of the product by the end user or by persons or by service providers not approved by WIKO and/or with spare parts not approved by WIKO.

4. Use of the product with accessories, peripherals and other products whose type, condition and/or standards do not meet the WIKO’s requirements.

5. Defects associated with the use or connection of the product to equipment or software not approved by WIKO. Some defects may be caused by viruses due to unauthorised access by yourself or by a third party service, computer systems, other accounts or networks. This unauthorised access may take place through hacking, misappropriation of passwords or various other means.

6. Defects and damage due to the exposure of the product to humidity, extreme temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, or to any spillage of food or liquids, chemicals and generally any substance likely to alter the product.

7. Any failure of embedded services and applications that have not been developed by WIKO and whose functioning is the exclusive responsibility of their designers.

8. Installation and use of the product in a manner that does not comply with the technical or security standards or regulations in force in the country where it is installed or used.

9. Modification, alteration, degradation or illegibility of the IMEI number, serial number or EAN of the product.

10. Absence of proof of purchase.