Wiko receives recognition award from Google

07 | 17

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Wiko receives recognition award from Google

Can you hear it? The 500 Wiko Girls and Boys around the world that are cheering away… Join in! For the first time, Google promoted its local partners and has just awarded Wiko with an award of recognition. Wiko is among the 9 companies to receive the Google Android Award during the MWC 2017. With similar missions and core values, both companies place the consumer at the heart of their business strategies and work together to democratise technology, making it accessible to the masses. Looking back at 2007, when Android was launched, a free and open-source operating system, it is clear that it changed the game in the mobile market. Android provided the solution to manufacturers, as they no longer had to buy or build expensive mobile operating systems.

Today, more than 24,000 devices from over 1,300 brands run on Android 1, including in Europe! It is through Android and a fruitful collaboration with Google, that Wiko has been enabled to innovate, to develop and to create jobs in France, in Europe and all over the world. Wiko is extremely proud to receive this award from its partner, Google. It rewards numerous years of effort and collaboration between the 2 companies to always make smartphones more accessible to the largest number of consumers.

(1) Source: Google Inc. 2017

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